Family & The Team

The Family

Above, left to right: The Cunliffe family – John, Zoë, Xiá, Christine, Barney, Ben

We are a friendly, family-run hotel with a long-standing team (three of the management team have been at Gilpin over 20 years). When guests return they know the staff, and, above all, the family and staff know them personally and make them feel valued and ‘at home’.

Watch this space for new photos and details of the Gilpin team, but in the meantime huge thanks to all of our management team below, as well of course to the rest of our wonderful team:

Barney Cunliffe, Managing Director

Zoë Cunliffe, Marketing, Web, PR, HR

Sarah Redmayne, House Manager

Christopher Dalzell, Operations Manager

Hrishikesh Desai, Executive Chef

Ian Bates, Finance Manager

Richard Marriott, Night Manager

Daniel Bill, Acting Restaurant Manager

Mark Garnett, Assistant Restaurant Manager

Salvatore Balzano, Sommelier

Laura Petrila, Acting Head Housekeeper

Tomas Nadassky, Lake House Manager

Julia Critchley, Lake House Jetty Spa Manager

Duncan Hatfield, Maintenance & Gardens Manager

Anna Maria Dunne, Reservations, Sales & Marketing Manager

Louise Dion, Reception & Concierge Manager

Laurentiu Tudorica, Duty Manager (Restaurant)

Michael Murariu, Duty Manager (Restaurant)

Isabela Tega, Duty Manager (Restaurant)

Iulian Parnescu, Duty Manager (Lake House)

Ben Cunliffe Architects, Architecture

Christine Cunliffe with Sarah Jane Nielson, Interior Design