Yubi Exhibitionhouse at Gilpin Spice


Currently showing above Gilpin Spice – January and February 2017

Hocking Photographic has created a collection of photographs called YŪBI ( 優美 ) which is based on the Japanese philosophy of ZEN HAIKU.

YŪBI consists of two Japanese characters: 優 (yū) that means “gentle” and 美 (bi) that means “beautiful”.

HAIKU ( 俳句 ), the strictest and purest of Japanese poetic forms, consists of 3 lines and 17 syllables which reference a particular season and it’s natural colours and features, with a focus on landscapes, flowers and nature.
Based on the human sensibility and love of nature, purity, authenticity and simplicity, Haiku, and the collection of photographs, reflect spiritual moods linked to the time of day i.e. The anticipation of dawn, the bright energy of daylight, the melancholy of dusk and the silent reflection of moonlight.

The Hocking Photographic collection of Haiku based photographs, with supportive and relevant poetry, will be exhibited under the name YŪBI, 優美, Gentle Beauty, at Gilpin Spice from the 20th January 2017 until the 24th February 2017

Team Hocking
Hocking Photographic

Denis and Fre very talented professional photographers who have travelled across the globe. Regular guests at Gilpin, this autumn they kindly presented us with a beautiful gift of some images they had done at the Lake House. This got Barney thinking (always trouble!), so we got together with them and were completely inspired by their work. The result? We thought we’d combine food and art with an exhibition above above Gilpin Spice; while away the day with lunch at Spice followed by an afternoon falling in love with some amazing art.


Gilpin Spice