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Guests are often wonderfully surprised when they first enter Gilpin Hotel. The original Georgian country house, built in 1901 but extensively refurbished since 1985, has retained its historic charm, heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, but with modern touches of interior design. Blending of the old and new gives a timeless balance, and every room is different, including our three dining rooms, which provokes interest, and the sense of a journey as guests wander through the hotel. Most importantly, it feels like a home. Long after the interior designers have left, Christine Cunliffe “faffs” with ornaments, books, pictures, flowers, rugs etc, until it feels right. Indeed, John Cunliffe is the only person allowed to hang pictures, as only he has the patience with Christine to re-hang each picture several times! A woman’s touch is very much evident in the detail.

Moving beyond the original house, which was only 5 bedrooms and is now 14 (with the 6 Garden Suites in a separate annexe and the 5 Spa Lodges being individual detached buildings), many of the extensions have been sympathetically added, but taking advantage of modern building design with large spacious rooms, extensive windows providing natural light and all built on the ground floor with patio doors extending out onto the gardens. We have the advantage of our own in-house architect and builder, Ben Cunliffe, who has overseen these projects with the same family-run attention to detail.