For us, hospitality starts with a very warm welcome and ends with a friendly goodbye, with extraordinary service, exquisite décor, beautiful spa experiences both at Gilpin Hotel and at Gilpin Lake House, and stunning culinary experiences in our two restaurants.

Gilpin has two very different restaurants, led by two very different high-profile chefs who work together, sharing the same vision, commitment, passion and values, built on sustainable sourcing with low to no food miles and supporting local producers.

SOURCE at Gilpin Hotel
Ollie Bridgwater – Executive Chef – One Michelin Star 

Ollie has created his own unique Lake District restaurant with sourcing, local produce and sustainability at the top of his agenda, topped with a sprinkling of culinary magic and storytelling that pushes the boundaries of what diners have come to expect. “SOURCE is a fun, vibrant restaurant that provides a great place to come & have an amazing, inspiring experience, and at the same time providing a professional engaging place for people to work in & be a part of.”

Gilpin Spice
Tom ‘Westy’ Westerland  Head Chef  

Gilpin Spice is renowned locally for its inspired pan-Asian dishes, and Westy is adding his own style. “My food is very fun, there’s always a bit of a story behind it. His focus is on storytelling and communicating that to the guests so that they know the background of the dish and what the inspiration was behind it.”

Under the guidance of owner Barney Cunliffe, the property has also introduced its’ strategy for sustainability, which includes new procedures and techniques for procurement, scrutinising the supply chain and developing a new Culinary Centre, complete with its own on-site butchery, and working with local farms and specific herds. Working as sustainably as possible is something that’s hugely important to us at Gilpin, and with the appointment of three fantastic chefs across our three restaurants, we have the chance to do something really extraordinary. The chefs are working with a neighbouring organic farm and taking a nose-to-tail, low-to-no food mile approach to sourcing, and our vertical farm enables us to produce food to a perfect condition, with no food miles, packaging or transport, minimum water use, no pesticides, and no poor harvests or plant wastage.

We hope you enjoy the results! 


source |sɔːs |
A place where something originates,
where development & growth are nurtured.

spice |spʌɪs|
An aromatic or pungent vegetable
substance used to flavour food

source /sɔːs /
A place where something originates,
where development & growth are nurtured.

spice |spʌɪs|
An aromatic or pungent vegetable
substance used to flavour food

“Though the food is fine dining, there is zero pretentiousness”



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