Here at Gilpin, looking after our world and our people is incredibly important to us. We are on a mission to make a difference and sustainability is at the forefront. We are proud members of Earth Check, the world’s leading certification, consulting and advisory group for sustainable destinations and tourism, and are conscious of what we do and how we do it, and how we can minimise any negative effects on our people and planet.


60% of employees reside 1 mile away from Gilpin Hotel & Lake House, with many living in staff accommodation on site or in nearby Windermere. We are advocates for development and growth, and support apprenticeships and management training. Regular training takes place in all departments, and additional opportunities to advance experience and knowledge is available on our dedicated training portal – Gilpin Academy – where team members can help direct their progression by working through different skill development levels. We are also proud to have partnered with one of our local colleges, Lancaster & Morecambe College, and support their Bay School of Hospitality.


We have a biomass plant on site, where local, seasoned and sustainably sourced woodchip is burned to create energy with minimal environmental impact.

All new build constructions at Gilpin Hotel & Lake House have the highest insulation levels with triple glazed windows.

LED Lighting
All lights at Gilpin Hotel & Lake House now utilise LED technology.

Lithium Batteries
At Gilpin Lake House, lithium batteries have been installed to power the site off-grid.

Water Source Heat Pump
Again, at Gilpin Lake House, we have a water source heat pump installed, absorbing water from our lake.


We have an on-site laundry facility which has top-of-the-range energy efficient machines, saving both electricity use and water. Having this facility based at Gilpin means that no transportation costs are incurred moving bedding, linen, towels and more to and from the hotel to an external company.
Guests are also given the option with regards to whether they want their towels refreshed in the evening, with many opting to reuse.

Produce & Suppliers

We are proud to work with some incredible suppliers, many of which are on our doorstep and all sharing the same ethos and values are us.

Some of our suppliers include:

  • Ben Cunliffe Architects
  • Billy Tannery
  • Cable & Blake
  • Caterite
  • Cornvale Fine Foods
  • ESPA
  • Farrers Tea & Coffee
  • Merchants
  • Flying Fish
  • Herdy
  • Hodgsons
  • Kings Fine Foods
  • Lake District Farmers
  • Lakes Speciality Foods
  • Lovingly Artisan
  • McLures
  • Neves
  • Nielsen House
  • Pure Lakes
  • SushiSushi
  • The Crafty Cheese Man

Our Michelin Starred restaurant, SOURCE at Gilpin Hotel, is taking local produce to the next level by launching their own Vertical Farm. The idea behind this is to grow crops in stacked layers in a completely controlled environment to mimic different climates/conditions. This means that we will soon be able to grow herbs and leaves that we previously would have had to import.

Recycling & Waste

We have an on-site recycling facility and try our utmost to reduce waste wherever possible. At our Michelin Starred restaurant, SOURCE at Gilpin Hotel, the ethos is to use as much of each ingredient as we possibly can, minimising food waste.
Also, as part of our recent Spa Space development, we wanted to create a dedicated garden area. Following the tragic Storm Arwen which hit our region in late 2021, we decided to utilise the fallen trees from across the estate and created our Arwen Garden as a place for the reflect and relax.


We are advocates for electric cars and have three Jaguar I-PACE vehicles for staff to use and chauffeur guests between Gilpin Hotel and Gilpin Lake House. Our guest buggies and housekeeping buggies are also all electric too. As many of our team live locally, we organise a shared minibus to pick-up and drop-off staff daily.