Dear Guests.

We are so looking forward to welcoming you to Gilpin Lake House. This page is to let you know that we’ve adapted some of the ways we do things to maximise everyone’s safety. We’ve worked hard to get the balance right, and very much hope that you feel that we have.

Warmest wishes, Barney & Zoë.


We are staggering arrival times to avoid too many people arriving simultaneously, which would compromise social distancing. We will contact you separately to arrange your preferred check in time; we may need to come back to you if there is a clash, but we hope to be able to organise a time as close as possible to your preference.

If you would like to arrive earlier perhaps start your stay with a spot of lunch at the main hotel before joining us at the Lake House? 


On arrival at Gilpin Lake House, please drive to the front door (follow the drive to the top and stop just before the grass circle), where our team will meet you outside (do stay warm in the car, we will come out to you). There will be a quick temperature check as we welcome you in and show you to your room, which will have been cleaned to very exacting standards according to our Covid-19 operating procedures.

Please have everything you would like carried to the bedroom ready in the boot; we will not access the main part of your car.


On Check In we will be taking a pre-payment of your card for your stay. This will be your total confirmed room charges plus an additional estimate of £200 per day to cover food and beverages charges whilst staying with us. On departure a 7% service charge will be added to your final invoice (we can amend this to your preference). Please be assured that we will adjust this on check out to the exact expenditure, and email you prior to departure to check the invoice.


We are very fortunate in these circumstances to have a lovely dining room at the Lake House, with generous and comfortable dining spaces for all of our residents, with social distancing of 2m and more, even if we are full. This can only work if everyone sticks to their booked dinner times, so we do ask you to be as close as possible to your booked time. Dinner times are booked on a first come first served basis, so if you haven’t booked your restaurant and dining times by now, please do so as soon as you can.

We suspect we are all craving sociability, so this enables us to create safe but vibrant settings for your dining. We are serving HRiSHi dishes at the Lake House, and Gilpin Spice style food will be available for room service orders.

During the day, the restaurant area will be closed, but the lounge and outdoor areas will be open for bar service, and lunch is available at Gilpin Hotel (to residents of Gilpin Hotel & Lake House only). Room service is available all day, and there is no tray charge.


Only guests staying at the Lake House can use the facilities, so the only adjustment we need to make is making reservations for you to use a particular area during your stay. While you are with us, we will reserve a slot for you of up to one hour in the following:

    • Indoor swimming pool and sauna
    • Cedarwood hot tub overlooking the tarn
    • Hydrotherapy hot tub looking towards Morecambe Bay
    • Boat house
    • Outside sauna
    • Rowing boats

Each session is for a maximum of one hour, with a 30 minute gap between sessions so that we can sanitise the areas; you are of course welcome to reserve more than once. We have extended the spa times to 9pm, to give a little more time for everyone to enjoy everything.

In terms of spa treatments, we are offering hands on treatments with therapists, but in addition we have invested in state of the art Japanese massage chairs which incorporate the very latest Japanese massage chair technology; it’s state-of-the-art, slow motion heated back rollers mechanism are specially designed to work on those hard to reach spots on the back, neck, shoulders and glutes, relaxing the tight and painful muscles. It’s unique head massager offers powerfully refreshing wave-like kneading, foot rollers help stimulate the reflexology points located on the sole, while smartly synchronised airbags increase blood circulation and help achieve a healthy body posture. They really do give a deep massage.


Check out is at 10.30am, please leave your bedroom key in the door on departure. If you would like us to put your luggage in your car boot, please leave everything just inside the entrance to your room, and bring your car to the front door. If you are coming down to breakfast after 9.30am, we would appreciate your checking out of your room beforehand so that you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

As with check-in, check out will be automated, with bills being amended up or down so that the charges correspond exactly with your final bill, which will be emailed to you. If you have any questions or concerns about your final bill please let us know before 10.30am. If no queries are raised by then, the balancing payment will be automatically applied on the same card provided on check-in via our online payment system.


We hope that you enjoy your stay with us.