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As highlighted at the time of booking, due to the constraints of the pop up Chefs 4 Save Windermere Culinary Festival, we are unable to cater for dietary requests, but can of course switch a dish for the vegetarian option if needed due to allergens.  Please advise if any of your guests need to substitute a vegetarian dish. Please list with full name and specify which course - eg "JOHN SMITH - REPLACE SCALLOP WITH VEG OPTION". If no changes are required, please write NO CHANGES.
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Chefs 4 Save Windermere and its organisers, including Save Windermere CIC, Gilpin Hotel & Lake House, Simon Rogan Restaurants, The Old Stamp House, The Brown Horse Inn, The Dog & Gun Skelton and Askham Hall, disclaim any liability for incidental or consequential damages and assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss, injury or damage suffered by any person as a result of attending the Chefs 4 Save Windermere event.